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Pushbutton Switches


P9 - Dome Style, Sealed, Momentary Action Pushbutton

The P9 is a sealed, dome style, momentary, standard and low force, double break snap action switch.
  • Flush and raised dome button styles in gloss or matte finish
  • Small bezel option
  • Mechanical life is 1.25 million cycles
  • Double break or shorting bar, momentary action
  • All plastic housing & button construction
  • Threaded body or snap-in panel mounting
  • Withstands extreme shock & vibration
  • Positive tactile feedback contact transfer on snap-action models
  • Solder, PC Pin & 0.110” Quick Connect terminal styles
  • Moistureproof & dusttight to IP64 or watertight to IP68S and IP69K
  • UL recognized
  • RoHS compliant

The P9 Dome switches feature a contoured dome style pushbutton and share similar size and characteristics to the P7-D series. There are two button versions, flush button profile and raised button profile, and two bezel versions, standard and small.

The P9 comes with a threaded case for hex nut mounting or with a snap-in case. The switch series features short behind panel depth and offers excellent mechanical and electrical performance while operating under severe conditions.

The P9 Dome series is offered in dusttight and moistureproof sealed construction. Mechanical life is 1.25 million operations and the electrical life is 25,000 operations at full-rated load.
Watertight sealing to IP68S and IP69K is available simply by adding a “W” suffix to the part number. 

The P9 Dome series is available in standard and low-force double break snap-action. All are momentary action. Special contact variations are available. High contact pressure and unique contact design provide low contact resistance for logic level switching capability as well as full-rated service. Solder, PC pin, and 0.110” Quick Connect termination options are also available. Positive tactile feedback confirms to the operator when the switch is actuated.

The P9 Dome series is a quality precision switch designed for use in panels, control grips, computers, instruments, heavy equipment and other demanding applications where attractive, rugged pushbutton switches are required.

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